HTMLテーブルExports results as an HTML table.JSON形式のドキュメントExports results as JSON documents.YAML形式のドキュメントExports results as YAML documents.区切りテキストExports results as delimited text file.
This is the delimiter used in the CSV/TSV file when downloading webform results. Using tabs in the export is the most reliable method for preserving non-latin characters. You may want to change this to another character depending on the program with which you anticipate importing results.

The selected columns will be included in the export.

タイトル 名前 Date type/Element type
シリアルナンバー serial integer
送信ID sid integer
送信UUID uuid uuid
Submission URI uri string
Created created created
完了 completed timestamp
変更済 changed changed
Is draft in_draft boolean
カレントページ current_page string
リモートIPアドレス remote_addr string
送信者 uid entity_reference
Language langcode language
ウェブフォーム webform_id entity_reference
送信先: エンティティタイプ entity_type string
送信先: エンティティID entity_id string
Locked locked boolean
Sticky sticky boolean
ノート notes string_long
コメント comment textarea